DR6, Power distribution kit
DR6, Power distribution kit
DR6, Power distribution kit
DR6, Power distribution kit
DR6, Power distribution kit
DR6, Power distribution kit
DR6, Power distribution kit
DR6, Power distribution kit
DR6, Power distribution kit
DR6, Power distribution kit
DR6, Power distribution kit

DR6, Power distribution kit

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 The DR6 Power Distribution Kit.

This unit is in response to high demand for a unit capable of delivering a wiring solution for Drift / Track / Hill Climb Cars and Buggies. This unit features the best aspects of both older & new technologies.

  • Pre-programmed common functions. 
  • Canbus enabled
  • Easy to Modify programmed functions from the keypad.
  • Simple to use and install.

 This unit features 6 switched x 25 amp outputs all separately fused with extra un-switched outputs available for additional functions.

Easy to Diagnose, Fix and alter Functions if needed during an event without having to take out a laptop.

DR6 kit options

DR6 options

All fuses and relays are replaceable if ever required and the EMR (ElectroMechanical Relays) type relays are easy to bypass in the event of an emergency situation when have to keep the car going to finish an event.

DR6 Power Distribution Unit

The CANbus controlled unit is enclosed in high-impact strength lightweight polymer enclosure.

The mounting lugs are at 145mm X 145mm pitch so the orientation of the control unit can be rotated 90 degrees without needing to drill any extra holes in your car shell.

Fully programmable using keypad

The Standard Kit comes with a  rugged 6 button CANbus keypad all encased in an enclosure with the addition of 2 extra momentary buttons, Ideal for use with a kill switch or just to change your digital dash screen. 

The connection is made via an 8way DT series socket at the rear of the enclosure. A pre-crimped plug with 1.5-meter wire tails is included.

The keypad has RGB backlit status changing LEDs dependant on the operation chosen.

Adjustable keypad mount

The mount is made from CNC machined billet aircraft-grade aluminum, with a black anodized finish. This mount allows you to adjust the keypad through 3 rotational axes along with the keypad and base position adjustment. The centre joint contains locking teeth for secure positioning.
It has a small footprint so it can be easily mounted where it suits the driver.
This mount can be adjusted to be within reaching distance of the driver or navigator. Your keypad can now sit straight in front of you even on a sloped gearbox tunnel or dash.

We ship the units pre-programmed for ease of installation but if the user wants to change any of the functions or keypad colours it is fully customizable from the keypad.

Pre-programmed functions are as follows

  • Button 1= ECU/Dash/IGN etc

  • Button 2 =Fuel Pump

  • Button 3 =Fan Control

  • Button 4= Starter

  • Button 5 = Aux 1

  • Button 6 = Aux 2

All buttons and outputs can be reprogrammed to be momentary/latching or flashing should the user require a custom function all via the keypad. 

Output Loom

The system comes with two semi-assembled 12 wire looms labeled for their designated destination.

It comes with extra lengths of nylon braid covering and heatsink so you can finish the loom to your standard.

Once each wire is terminated to its assigned location such as fan, starter, fuel pump ...etc your system is ready to go, it's that easy.


Designed and made in Ireland

2 weeks lead time on units from the date of order

Coming soon: We will put a link here shortly to a video tutorial of how to reconfigure any of the keypad buttons and output functions.