Fire Safety Stick
Fire Safety Stick
Fire Safety Stick
Fire Safety Stick
Fire Safety Stick

Fire Safety Stick

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A must for any motorsport vehicle 


Emission Time - 50 or 100 Seconds depending on model


No Mess - No Residue - No Damage
Works on all major fire types
Lasts longer to fight fire
Safe and Easy to use
Non-toxic & environmentally safe / friendly
No Maintenance required
Small & Lightweight

The FSS is capable of extinguishing all types of fires in different classes,
Class A: Solid material, ordinary combustibles such as wood, paper, fabric, plastics etc.
Class B: Flammable liquids such as petrol, oil-based paints, solvents, alcohol, acetone etc.
Class C: Gaseous category, GLP, methane, acetylene etc.
Class E: Electrical equipment fires subject to voltages up to 100.000V at a distance of 1m
Class F: Cooking oil and fats

No Servicing, No Maintenance – 15 years proven shelf-life

The majority of extinguishers have a shelf life of at most 5 years, and even then should be professionally serviced every 1 year. This is to ensure the pressurised gauge is not faulty, it’s the correct weight, the o-rings have not perished or the powder hasn’t clumped together. The FSS is not a pressurised extinguisher so does not need these check-ups. In fact, batch testing of FSS that were well over 15 years old, have been activated and successfully extinguished fires as though they were brand new!

How it works & more info here

Dimensions & Weights

50-second type

Length : 260mm
Diameter : 33mm
Weight : 275 g

100-second type

Length : 330mm
Diameter : 33mm
Weight : 550 g

    More information on the mounting bracket can be found here


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