MXS Display Mounting Bracket and Surround

MXS Display Mounting Bracket and Surround

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This surround & mounting kit is to suit the (AiM/Link) MXS Dash 5" Display.


  • "Surround Only" made from a UV-resistant polymer finish has a slightly textured finish. Suitable for sanding/painting/flocking (3-5 days lead time)
  • "Surround & Carbon Fibre Mount" is the surround as above but also includes a 4mm thick carbon fibre mount, mild steel weld on tab and fixing hardware (4-6 days lead time)

This is a custom design and manufactured to suit the MXS display. The surround is to provide the screen with shade from intense sunlight.

The unique surround is designed as a single piece of polymer and is strong but light. 

The bolt-on mounting bracket makes it easy to attach and remove the display when working on your car and includes cable tie slots for securing the dash wiring harness. It is made from CNC machined 4mm Carbon Fibre. All fasteners are stainless.

The mild steel weld-on tab can be welded to where the driver finds the display most suitable, the most common location being on the steering column approx 15 cm/ 6" behind the steering wheel.

Kit Contents:

  • Black Polymer Surround ( Raw )

if "Surround & Carbon Fibre Mount" the kit then also includes the following

  • 4mm Carbon Fibre mounting bracket 
  • Mild steel weld-on tab 
  • Stainless Nuts & bolts

The MXS Dash Display is not included in this kit and is only shown in the images for demonstration purposes.

Other model display surrounds and mounting brackets are available on request, please Email: